Meet the Founder of Orange County Coast Buzz, Rayanne Thorn.

Rayanne is the CSO / Advisor for @TalentBrowser Strategy & Content for biz/tech/hiring today.

I met Rayanne last year while she was hosting a program called “Bonus Track” Radio at KX@ One Laguna.

She is a featured columnist on a national business + lifestyle media platform IntrepidNOW and has been writing for Bonus Track Daily on various forums since 2009.  In addition, Rayanne is a host on Talk Radio @HRLatte, as well as a Job Search contributor on Huffington Post.

Rayanne was recently chosen by Capterra Talent Management Blog as one of the top 7 HR Podcasts.

We sat down at Heidelberg Cafe in Laguna Beach, to talk about her passion for people.

BPB: What is one word to describe your business?

Rayanne: HIGHLIGHT.  I am passionate about shinning the light on the things businesses are doing right and helping them to increase their profit.

BPB: What is your WHY behind your business?

Rayanne:  I care about the success of my clients and I want to help them find a better way of doing business.

BPB: How do you show your employees and customers that you value them?

Rayanne: First and foremost, I am their advocate!  I listen to their needs and to understand how I can help them in their personal and professional life.

BPB: What do you like most about your business?

Rayanne: I have an opportunity to meet people who are passionate about what they do and I get to help them build their businesses and tell their stories.

BPB: What do you like least about your business?

Rayanne: There are never enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I want to.

BPB: Where do you see your business one year from today?

Rayanne:  I want people and businesses to know that I care about them by giving to them what has been given to me.  I would like for my knowledge base to increase exponentially.

BPB: What is your mission statement?

Rayanne: Crossing The Streams of Business and Life.

BPB: What is your vision statement?

Rayanne: Working with passionate leaders to build their business and tell their stories.

We couldn’t think of a better person than Rayanne to be our first “Best People Business.”  She values people and is committed to their success in all areas of their lives.

In her spare time, Rayanne serves on the Advisory Board for Planet Rehab, learning as much as she can and helping raise awareness of issues relative to our earth and environment.

We fully endorse Rayanne and encourage you to reach out to her to help you with your HR needs and Social Media Strategy.

Check out her most recent interview at OC Coast Buzz.

The best way to reach Rayanne is on twitter @Ray_anne.