Meet the Co-Founder of Generation Awakening, Stephanie Hill.

Stephanie serves as the Director of Programs.  She works alongside Founder Christine Mulholland who serves as the Creative Director.

The mission of Generation Awakening is to serve as a platform for individuals and organizations to come together to work with each other and governments on the most pressing issues of our generation.

They strive to be the movement of their generation, igniting passion and inspiration to create tangible and lasting change in the world.

Stephanie is the co-founder and website techie. She is a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) with an emphasis in Visual Communications.

Stephanie channels her love for fashion and events into her love for wildlife in hopes of making a difference in the world and waking up our generation to the most pressing issues. Once she starts talking about Generation Awakening, there is no stopping her, and her passion is palpable.

Generation Awakening was founded in 2012 and has a team of 6 people.

BPB:  What is one word to describe your business?


BPB: Why did you choose this word?

STEPHANIE: So many people are distracted these days by materialistic things, celebrities and things that in the end don’t really matter.  These things are not going to affect our planet for years to come.

We are awake to the important issues facing our world and are working to solve our generations biggest problems.

BPB:  What is your WHY behind your business?

STEPHANIE: Wildlife is decimating at an alarming rate and environmental destruction is rampant.  We need to change to become a world of sustainability and caring for other species we share our planet with before they go extinct forever.

BPB:  What do you want people to experience when they engage your business?

STEPHANIE:  We hope they feel inspired and hopeful to make a difference in the world.  In our school presentations, we hope the kids realize the importance of every species to the web of life and foster environmental stewardship and love and respect for all species.

BPB:  How are you growing your business?

STEPHANIE:  We are expanding our outreach through social media, school presentations and events.

BPB:  How are you growing your people?

STEPHANIE:  We show documentary screenings, post educational facts and are always researching and learning more about various issues to provide pressing knowledge for our supporters.

BPB: How are you growing yourself?

STEPHANIE:  We are constantly pushing to be the best we can e and to have the greatest impact we can on all those around us.

BPB:  What is your strategy to grow and develop your team?

STEPHANIE:  Through our ambassador program.  We hope to have ambassadors in every city and country throughout the world so we can have a worldwide reach and global network of people pushing for change in their communities.

BPB:  How do you show your teammates you value them.

STEPHANIE: We have an ambassador in Tanzania Africa who volunteers to spread the Generation Awakening message.  He has already educated over 8,000 students at schools throughout Tanzania informing them about the current poaching crisis.

BPB:  How do you show your supporters you value them?

STEPHANIE:  We thank them with a letter showing the impact they are making through their support.

BPB:  What do you like most about working for Generation Awakening?

STEPHANIE:  Knowing we are making a difference in the world while spreading awareness, educating the next generation, inspiring young minds and saving lives (wildlife).

BPB:  What do you like least about what you do?

STEPHANIE:  It’s very difficult witnesses the atrocities of poaching and wildlife crime.

BPB:  What is the biggest challenge facing Generation Awakening?

STEPHANIE:  Apathy.  Getting people to care and believe they do have the power to make a difference.

BPB:  What is the biggest opportunity for Generation Awakening?

STEPHANIE:  To create tangible and lasting change in the world.

BPB:  Where do you see Generation Awakening one year from today?

STEPHANIE:  Filming a full length documentary in Africa.

I am inspired by Stephanie’s passion to make a difference in the world!

Generation Awakening is a movement of passionate people who are big thinkers and big dreamers.  I can’t wait to see their documentary.

I encourage everyone to visit the Generation Awakening website and get involved.