Meet the Owner of Cabrillo Boat Shop, Don Holland and his team.

Don grew up in the boat yard.  His grandfather opened up the business in 1922 and passed it onto his father who later passed the business to Don.

I met Don through a friend who highly recommended Don’s work.  I sat down with Don and his crew after they finished cleaning, scrapping, painting and repairing the bottom of our sailboat.

BPB:  What is one word to describe your business?

Don:  FRIENDLY.  We treat our customers as if they are our friends.

BPB:  What is your WHY behind your business?

Don:  I remember coming down to the boat yard as a young boy with my dad and I fell in love with working on boats.

BPB:  What do you want people to experience when they walk into your business?

Don:  We want people to see that we are helpful, professional and that we know what we are doing.

BPB:  How do you show your employees you value them?

Don:  I make sure my crew knows that I appreciate their hard work, I tell them how much I appreciate them.  I give them bonuses and treat them with respect.

BPB:  How do you show your customers you value them?

Don:  We want our customers to have a great experience no matter the circumstances.  Often times people bring their boats to us and there is unexpected damages and expenses.  We work with people so they don’t give up on boating because of these circumstances.

BPB:  What do you like most about your business?

Don:  I love meeting new people.

BPB:  What do you like least about your business?

Don:  I don’t like it when people do not take into consideration my professional opinion about what work needs to be done on their boat.

BPB:  What is your biggest challenge in your business?

Don:  We’ve been at this location since 1991 and the thought of having to move could be a challenge for us.

BPB:  Where do you see your business one year from today?

Don:  I would love to grow our business and improve our scheduling.

BPB:  What is your mission statement?

Don:  Treating customers like they are friends.

BPB:  What is your vision statement?

Don:  Making customers happy and giving them a great experience.

Cabrillo Boat Shop lives their vision and mission!  We were treated like friends, as if we knew them forever.  Don and his team went above and beyond customer service, they made us feel they had our best interest in mind as we were met with unexpected damages and expenses.

Our experience with Don and his team was exceptional!  We were beyond happy and could not have imagined things turning out the way they did.

There is something to be said for family run businesses.  They possess a value system that you don’t see too often anymore.  The rich heritage that has been passed down to Don is refreshing and inspiring.  I truly believe people have a desire to work and for businesses like Cabrillo Boat Shop.

I highly recommend Don and his crew to clean, repair or paint your boat.

You can reach Don at