Our Mission

Our mission is to help leaders and entrepreneurs become profitable in every area of their lives and become the Best People and the Best Businesses in the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a collaborative community of leaders and entrepreneurs who are profitable in every area of their lives and businesses. We will provide coaching, consulting, mentoring and training through our Best People Business Academy.

Our Values

We Value People. We Value Profitability. We Value Reciprocity. We Value Authenticy. We Value Community. We Value Collaboration

DMak Profile 2

David Makela CEO/Founder

I am known as an implementer and connector with 25 years experience as an entrepreneur and 12 years as a Professional Coach. My experience consists of; developing and launching new products and businesses, growing teams, growing multi million dollar businesses, strategic planning and creating systems and process.

I help Leaders and Entrepreneurs take their ideas, plans, and objectives to completion through the Implementation Engine. What I love most is building an infrastructure to launch products based on the needs and wants my clients learn from their audience. This results in an increase in their audience and revenue by 40-50%.

Contact me: david@bestpeoplebusiness.com

KMak Profile

Kimberly Makela CRO/Co-Founder

BPB- “Best People Business”

“Coaching Businesses And Leaders To Be The Best At What They Do. “

“I work with businesses and leaders who place a high value on people.”

“I love to inspire hope through transformation, one step at a time.” KM.

Specialties: Relationship Specialist, Strategist
Master Implementer, Professional Wellness Coach, Mentor, Consultant and Visionary.

Contact me: kimberly@bestpeoplebusiness.com